Diesel Passenger Vehicles

Both diesel cars and light trucks are receiving a lot of attention in the United States as a near term strategy to achieve fuel economy and climate change goals. The renewed interest in diesel as of late stems from its potential to improve passenger vehicle fuel economy. The best diesel passenger vehicles of today are … Read more

Forgotten Treasures of Diesel Engines

There are very few engine configurations that promise increased fuel economy and power. There are few engines that offer this in addition to reliability. Today, those across the ocean are enjoying the fruits of diesel technology revolution. Diesels have experienced a great history here in the United States. In 1980, General Motors modified their 350ci … Read more

Diesel Engines and Well Known Gas

In passenger cars, the diesel engine has never really caught on. During the middle to late 70s, diesel engines in passenger cars did notice a surge in sales due to the OPEC oil embargo, although that is the only real significant penetration that diesel engines have made in the market. Although diesel engines are more … Read more

Diesel And Gas Prices

Over the years, the prices of both gas and diesel have experienced some drastic changes. Many years ago, the price of gas was around a dollar or a little more, nothing like it is today. Back then, gas wasn’t high in price although the demand for vehicles wasn’t what it is today either. As the … Read more

Diesel Or Not

Diesel is often looked at as being smelly, noisy, and many think the only place for it is in a tractor. The truth to diesel vehicles is that they are slow, noisy, smelly, although they are cheaper to run than gas. Diesel engines aren’t as powerful as gas engines, as gas engines produce more horsepower … Read more